We always love hearing what our customers have to say as we strive to provide our customers with the very best products and service. Tell us about your experience with us.

Here’s what people have been saying about us:

“A few weeks back I talked to you about a can of wax that would not spray properly and you sent me a replacement. I finally got a chance to use it and ALL the samples you sent me. WOW great products!!! Thank you for the samples, that was NOT expected! It’s nice to find a company that still believes in good old customer service! THANK YOU AGAIN.”     Tim, Online Shopper | shop.uberwurx.com

“…your tire gloss is the best I have found and it does not sling off onto the car when you drive which is what I have been looking for.”     Harvey Harris MD, Online Shopper | shop.uberwurx.com

“I love the INOVA then hit it every other day with the ICON for a flawless shine that NEVER goes away! The LUMINA in unbeatable on glass, chrome & plastic also!! Three awesome products!! I use this on all my cars and jobs!”     Steve Carter, Owner & Operator | Steve’s Kustomizing

“I’m obtaining excellent results with INOVA! I spent 21 hours detailing this 2007 corvette. Awesome shine and reflectivity that is usually associated with dark colors! Thank you for making great products!”     Michael Pena, Owner & Operator | Mobile Auto Detail | Handwax.net

“Our company has used Uberwurx automotive cleaning products for several months, and has found them far superior to the products that we have used in the past.”     Ferrari Maserati of Houston

“I have used your product and I must say it is top notch. It made my 05 Scion xb shine like no other and now that I’m having custom body and paint work done, I will tell you now this is what I will use. I will trust no other to make my car look tip top and I will make it known what I use once my ride is done in August.”     Bryan Grantt, Online Shopper | shop.uberwurx.com

“The MYTHIC Wheel Cleaner™ is simply amazing. I could not believe my eyes! I sprayed it on my wheels, let it sit for a few minutes and then hosed it off. It looked like I had polished my wheels for hours, I am still amazed! The MYTHIC Wheel Cleaner™ is in a class of its own, nothing else compares.”    Rock Reber, Financial Advisor, St. George, UT

“The products work great. I was somewhat hesitant about the aerosol products, but after using the products I am sold. I love the fact that this is the only tire shine that I have ever used that doesn’t sling the product down the side of my car.”     Patrick Mitchell, Valet- Fairmont Hotels, Newport Beach, CA

“The most amazing thing about INOVA Spray Wax™ was what little time it took to apply and remove the product. The shine was incredible. Over the next few weeks the car never sat indoors. Despite the Texas heat, plus an extreme amount of rain, the vehicle kept that beautiful shine. What a truly awesome product.”     Stacy Miller, Senior Systems Analyst- Frontier Drilling, Houston, TX

“ICON Quick Detailer™ is the best detailer product that I have used. Extremely easy to apply and use. With PROGRESSOR Tire Shine™, I love the fact that there is very little overspray… the spray pattern is very precise on my 35 series low profile tires. MYTHIC Wheel Cleaner™— I sprayed the product on the excess tar that I have been looking at for the last 4 months (which has remained throughout several car washes). It came right off! What I like best about this product line is its ease of use.”     Greg Stephens, Golf Professional, Orlando, FL

“I used PROGRESSOR Tire Shine™ on my 2007 911 Turbo. I am very picky with products I use on my machine. After a nice 160mph, I pulled over and there was no tire spray from the product on the side of my car. Amazing product, gentlemen! Word is going out to all of my friends.”     Scott E. Moore, Sales & Marketing, Houston, TX

“When Shelby Autos set out to identify the best overall appearance product line for its loyal and sophisticated clients, more than 50 brands were available. uberwürx™ emerged as the best of the best. We wanted to find the finest products available — and this product line performs.”     Amy Boylan, President- Shelby Automobiles, Las Vegas, NV

“After using the uberwürx™ brand ICON Quick Detailer™, I can say that this is the best detailer product that I have ever used. All of the products performed exceptionally. I am very pleased with this product line.”     Andreas Hartman, CEC Corp, Geesthacht, Germany