The uberwürx™ Difference

How does uberwürx™ stand out from other car care products?

Precision Engineering
uberwürx™ products represent a longstanding tradition of superior engineering, from research and analysis to rigorous testing and production control. All uberwürx™ products are precision manufactured in North America and performance tested under extreme driving conditions.

Distinctive Packaging
High-impact packaging differentiates uberwürx™ from other care care products. State-of-the-art aluminum containers that are durable, impermeable, lightweight, and ergonomically contoured for easy grip provide an exceptional convergence of form and function.

Environmental Stewardship
uberwürx™ products meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Our aerosol products are delivered in 100% recyclable aluminum containers, and comply with stringent environmental regulations (CARB). When it comes to car care, uberwürx™ is not only the premium choice — it’s the responsible choice.


The uberwürx™ line features seven car care products with technical specifications different from any other competitor. Leading the way is our new INOVA Spray Wax™— a car wax which redefines simplicity and performance as the exclusive aerosol spray wax on …

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