uberwürx™ manufactures precision formulated auto detailing supplies for discriminating car owners, collectors and enthusiasts. Our premium car care products are engineered for simple application, durable protection and superior visual performance. Beyond developing the world’s most exclusive detailing products line, uberwürx™ is committed to environmentally sustainable practices.

Select uberwürx™ for your car care products of choice, and you’ll experience a dramatic and beautiful difference — every drive, every day. With a diverse range of car detailing supplies — each specifically engineered for a unique car care application — uberwürx™ takes a truly different approach to car care and beauty. We offer seven premium grade auto detailing products, listed below:

  • INOVA Spray Wax™ — Preserves an all-season shine, and keeps your car in mint condition
  • ICON Quick Detailer™— Simply spray on, wipe clean, and enjoy an instant, fresh-waxed look.
  • PROGRESSOR Tire Shine™ — Protects your tires from harmful elements while locking in a superior shine.
  • LUMINA Auto Glass Solution™ — Dissolves even the most stubborn, sun-baked window residue.
  • ALLURE Leather Conditioner™— Keeps your car interior soft and beautiful.

How does uberwürx™ stand out from other car detailing products?

Precision Engineering
uberwürx™ products represent a longstanding tradition of superior engineering — from research and analysis to rigorous testing and production control. All uberwürx™ products are precision manufactured in North America and performance tested under extreme driving conditions.

Distinctive Packaging
High-impact packaging differentiates uberwürx™ from other detailing products. State-of-the-art aluminum containers — which are durable, impermeable, lightweight, and ergonomically contoured for easy grip — provide an exceptional convergence of form and function. The texture, color and finish result in a product container that customers hesitate to discard.

Environmental Stewardship
uberwürx™ products meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Our aerosol products are delivered in 100% recyclable aluminum containers, and comply with stringent environmental regulations (CARB). When it comes to car care, uberwürx™ is not only the premium choice — it’s the responsible choice.